Our Team

Our people is the reason behind MD's success. From the management to the sales, administration and warehouse staff, our people have immense experience in the healthcare industry. We are governed by our professional ethics and integrity which form the basis of our work culture at MD.


We have a team of dedicated sales people calling on doctors in hospitals, medical centres and GP clinics. Being the face of MD, our sales people receive regular sales and product training so as to maintain a high level of professionalism and job competency at all times.


Back office, we also have a team of dedicated people from the various departments of marketing, business development, administrative, operation and regulatory, that drive the company forward and running productively.


Our Activities

At MD, we not only work hard, we PLAY hard too!

To provide our people with a healthy and happy working environment, we hold activities each month to encourage bonding and refreshment of oneself. Every last Friday of the month, we will have our R&R (Rest & Relax) event when we let down our hair and have our fellowships together. Through these activities, we create camaraderie and build close friendship within the team.

Our Training

MD invests in her people and believes in people development. We believe that a competent workforce is important in keeping up with the progress in the medical field. Our people, especially the sales team receives sales and product training on a regular basis in order to stay abreast of the new, updated medical information and knowledge.